Carnegie Visual Arts Center

Current Exhibition

Create Inspire Teach!

November 19, 2014 – January 11, 2015 — Create, Inspire, Teach!  is inspired by the excellence in art education at all grade levels in the Decatur, Alabama area. Designed to give art teachers and instructors a venue to display their works to further encourage their students and showcase their individual talents, this exhibit was open to all certified teachers and instructors Morgan County, Alabama. The exhibit contains a variety of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and multi-media works. Artists included in the exhibit are Beth Bachuss, Kristine Beadle, Gail Bergeron, Dennis Brickell, Tammie Clark, Rickie Higgins, Mary Beth Johns, Pamela Keller, Carey Key, Amber King, Pat McDonald, Linda Miller, Autumn Schlagenhauf, Amy Tubbs, Kathryn Vaughn, Beth Waldorf, and Beth Young.