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Dreams and Reality: The Artwork of Leslie Wood

Dreams Reality card

June 24 – August 2, 2014 - The multi-faceted exhibit features paintings and sculptures, as well as metal jewelry and elaborate art journals by Huntsville, Alabama-based artist Leslie Wood.  Leslie shares via video her inspiration and process of art journaling.
Artist Statement:
“Dreams and Reality is a theme not only in my art but in life as well.  I consider my engineering day job my Reality and my art my Dream. I try and make sense of the two worlds by bringing in hints of engineering references into my artwork. In my painting and journaling, I can explore the whimsical and sad world of the Woodland Fairies, the darkness of the Red Girls or the silliness of monsters. In my jewelry, I can explore my mechanical influences through pieces such as my Shield Pendants. My art journaling plays a large role in my Dream and Reality world as well. Many of my paintings culminated from a dream or idea that originated in an art journal. The journals let me explore the boldness and craziness of art in a more intimate setting than on canvas.  In a way, the journals are the dreams that become reality on canvas or in sculpture.