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Attic, Lincolnville Communtiy Church


Seeing the World as a Photographer
with Tillman Crane

Carnegie Visual Arts Center, Decatur, Alabama • May 30 – June 3, 2017

Do you ever look at a photograph and wonder how you could make a photograph like that? By understanding how the camera sees differently than our eyes and using the best features of your tool, you can make better photographs!

This class is designed to engage your eyes and brain as a photographer. Seeing photographically is not about what you have in your hands but what is going on between your ears. We will look at the elements that make a good photograph. We will examine our camera basics: set up, the purpose of controls and how to get the images from your camera to your computer. We will be photographing every day to strengthen your photographic vision. Assignments will include the four basic art world genres: portrait, landscape, architecture and still life.

This workshop will be held Tuesday, May 30th – Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. Class will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each morning we will have a lecture on new material and a review and critique of the previous day’s assignments. There will be a field trip each afternoon to work on your new assignments. You can choose to go on the field trip with the group or complete the assignments on your own.

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