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Hayes + Sharp: Old Decatur

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June 23 – August 1, 2015 – Decatur artists, Chandler Hayes and J. Sharp, present a show of paintings, multi-media pieces, and installations. Hayes + Sharp: Old Decatur features 34 works of urban, modern, and spontaneous art. Both artists are artistically influenced by sustainability principles and practices, and community support and involvement.

Chandler Hayes

A Decatur native, Chandler Hayes grew up fascinated by street art related to the images and words on the trains that came though his hometown and on walls in big cities where he often traveled. Later, Chandler traveled to New Zealand and studied Sustainable Tourism at Otago Polytechnic. Upon returning to Alabama, Chandler became the artist-in-residence at historic Lincoln Mills in Huntsville, creating custom murals and developing his spray paint technique.

Passionate about spray paint, Chandler’s goal has been to dispel its negative connotations through education and community involvement. As a muralist, Chandler’s clients commission him to produce quality works that reflect their values and practices in creating goodwill in their community and improving the quality of life for their regular patrons. Chandler has installed over ten thousand square feet of spray painted murals in city centers across North Alabama since 2010.

In 2013 Chandler moved back to his hometown and set up his studio in a downtown warehouse. Chandler has maintained on-going projects in Florida and Tennessee as well as painting commissioned works for North Alabama clients.

J. Sharp

J. Sharp is a self-taught multimedia artist from Decatur, Alabama. He has been painting and drawing since an early age and was heavily influenced by his art teachers, Polly Smith and Linda Lee as well as renowned artists including Picasso, Basquiat and Haring. He became famous among other children for his drawings done during church and school. His current work combines found items with original art to create unique pieces using stencils, abstract figures and bits of pop culture. J’s visually pleasing and playful style has been featured in galleries, restaurants, shops, magazines, t-shirts, murals and portraits. Now in his late 30s, J. is the proud father of a beautiful young artist, A. Sharp.

Thinking outside the box is business as usual in good Ol’ Decatur…

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