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The Westbound Rangers Are Ridin’ into Town

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The sound of the Rangers is called bluegrass by many, old-time by some, while others hear old country. The Rangers just call it americana and play it how they hear it. One of the reasons the Rangers are such a unique group is their influences come from diverse genres. Each musician hails from a different part of the country with a different musical background. Graham Sherrill, from North Carolina, brings a true Appalachian voice and his own style of claw-hammer banjo. Read Davis, from Texas, has the soul of a Texas bluesman and lets us hear all about it through his guitar pickin’. Mike Walker, from Alabama, chops hard on his mandolin and has an edgy southern voice that can have a soul flavor, which helps the Rangers cross genre boundaries. Wes Burkhart, from Virginia, helps pull it all together with an old-timey heart that beats out the rhythm through his bass. Throw in high energy all around and you have the makings of the Westbound Rangers.

Their influences include Hank Williams Sr., John Hartford, Uncle Dave Macon, Grandpa Jones, and String Bean just to name a few. Old country songs like Hank’s “Mind Your Own Business” and bluegrass tunes like “Man of Constant Sorrow” are heard at many Ranger’s shows but they do not exclusively play acoustic music. Coldplay’s “Clocks” is always a crowd favorite when arranged for the four piece band.

“We just want to get out there, put this music in front of people and let them have fun,” says bassist Wes Burkhart. “It’s all about music and having fun.”

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